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“Staff establish strong and supportive partnerships with parents. They engage parents well in children’s learning and regularly share new information about their children’s progress.

Ofsted 2020


Find below a selection of our policies.

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Supporting children
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At Old Newton Under Fives, we use Tapestry: an interactive online platform where parents can comment on what their child has been up to in the nursery and add photos and activities that they have been involved in at home.

Our staff ensure that all children who attend the setting have a personal learning journey to record and store photos, observations and assessments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The Tapestry programme allow us to track children’s development through the 7 areas of learning:

The prime areas: Personal, Social and emotional development, Physical development, Communication and Language.

The specific areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Expressive arts and design.

This then enables us to plan for each child’s future development

Our Daily routine

9:00am Pre School leader will welcome children into the setting. Children will self register using the tree and place coats and bags on their chair.

9:05am Children are able to free-flow both inside and outside.

10:30am Snack time. Children are encouraged to cut up their own fruit and pour their own drinks.

11:00am Free-flow continues.

11:45am Children and staff tidy up indoor and outdoor areas together.

11:55am Story time and practicing days of the week.

12:00pm Morning session children go home and those staying wash hands ready for lunch club.

12:30pm Some children may go home after lunch club.

12:35pm Quiet indoor play – adult focussed activity.

1:30pm Free-flow indoor and outdoor.

2:45pm Children and staff tidy up indoor and outdoor areas together.

2:55pm Story time

3:00pm Home time

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